Unit Conversions

Use this page to calculate unit conversions. To do this enter a single known value and then click the calculate button. If you enter a non-numeric value or more than one value, an error message will appear. NOTE: most results are rounded to 6 significant digits, although some are rounded to 1 or 2 significant digits. Because of this all answers are approximate.

If you wish to perform another conversion of the same type (ie. weight followed by another weight conversion) be sure to click the "Clear" button first.

Energy Content (DM Basis)
Liquid Volume
Dry Volume
Price (As fed basis) Bushel Based

For bushel based prices enter both the price of a bushel and the bushel weight.

*  Enter a specific bushel weight if known, otherwise some representative values are: alfalfa 60, barley 48, clover 60, corn 56, oats 32. Other weights can be found here. Weight Based

For weight based prices enter the known price. You can also optionally enter the weight of a bushel and the program will calculate the price of a bushel.